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    I would like sincerely thank Mr. Sheth for looking after me from the start till the end during the whole process of my gall bladder surgery. He performed the surgery and has been very clear in explaining the whole procedure to me and also during the consultation meetings. I understood him clearly during our meetings and he answered all my questions professionally.

    I am very happy with the way the procedure was performed and am very thankful to Mr. Sheth for taking quick actions in respect of the surgery withouth any delays.

    I will be ever so grateful to Mr. Sheth for saving my life! (for what I believe) due the circumstances/condition of my gall bladder.

    Mr. Sheth is very gentle and nice person and will absolutely not hesitate in recommending him to anyone.

    Thank you very much also to Mr. Amit Christian (his medical secretary) for his professional services and managing and constantly communicating with me during the whole process efficiently

    Once again - Thank you very much for everything and wishing you all the very best always in everything!

    Regards and Thanking you
    Sailesh Unercat

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